Seveners upset Shepherds

Shepherds United stumbled on its path to the National Super League race, losing 2-0 to Seveners United today at Port Vila Stadium.

Morgan congratulates Reece Leer. Photo by Colin Atisson

A own goal from defender Johnny Tasso in 69 minutes and a great free kick from Reece Lerr is enough to give the Seveners the victory they have been looking for in the Competition.

The win puts Seveners still last on the ladder but now with 3 points.

Read the GameCast below and latest standing

Shepherds United starting lineup:

GK: 1. David Chilia and John Kalo
Players: 2 Joel Seule, 3 Willie Ola, 4 Greg Garae, 5 Johnny Tasso, 6 John Mark, 7 Olivia Paul, 8 Albert Apia, 9 Danny Michel, 10 Yvong August, 11 Willie Dick, 12 Edison Stephen, 13 Ruben Stephen, 14 Don Jack, 15 Smith Pakoatongi, 16 Alphonse Welin, 17 Joseph Obed, 18 Willie August, 19 Ken Kalo

Coach: Wilson August

Seveners United FC strating line up

GK: Benly
Players: 2 Junior Vava, 3 Nelson Garae, 4 Erol Nimbuen, 5 Junior Issacher, 6 Lucho Tekemb 7 Reece Lerr, 8 Spencer Noel, 9 Morgan Multangtan, 10 John Naprapol, 11 Timothy Job, 12 Sioka Tatio, 13 Lorry Takaro, 14 Laurence, 18 Amson Suraiw, 22 Peter Iaukalpi

Coach: Sowany Joseph

Referee: Mahit Chilia

Match kicks off now

2' Seveners striker Spencer Noel got the first move but new Shepherds keeper saves it.

4' Shepherds Danny Michel flys a good ball over the bar for a Seveners United goal kick

8' Danny Michel of Shepherds flys the ball over the bar the second time

11' Seveners' Spencer Noel try his shot but all clear by Shepherds defenders

15' Seveners striker Noel Spencer just miss to put his team ahead and his shot was block by Shepherds United keeper

18' Sun very hot at Port Vila stadium and fans are coming in to numbers to watch the two games today.

19' Free kick to Shepherds United but Yvong place the ball on Seveners defenders to clear it to safety

20' Shepherds United Willie August shot save by Sevener's keeper

22' Seveners striker Reece Lerr miss another great oportunity to put ahead but all clear by Shepherds defender, John Mark Bell

25' Seveners pressure Shepherds again now and Spencer Noel just miss to score for his team and the ball just roll away for a goal kick

29' A corner kick head away by Willie Dick and goal kick for Seveners

31'Free kick for Seveners but striker Spencer Noel flys a free kick over the bar

34' Seveners striker Reece Lerr make a great past to Spencer Noel and he flys it over the bar for a Shepherds goal kick

37' Shepherds midfielder Willie Dick got a great opportunity but flys the ball over the bar again

38' Reece Lerr of Seveners got anothet great chance but again , he flys it over the cross bar

39' Seveners Reece Lerr and Spencer Noel just waste another great opportunity to put their team a head

42' Michel Daniel Of Shepherds trys his luck to break through but Junior Vava of Seveners clear the ball to safety

43' Shepherds Danny Michel got another shot but over the bar

44' Shepherds United won a corner kick in the last minutes of the first half but Danny gives it away to seveners

45' End of first half

Second half kicks off now

46' Free kick to Seveners after Shepherds willie Dick handles the ball with his hand

48' Free kick to Seveners United, 20 meters away from Shepherds keeper after John Mark foul on Morgan but Spencer place the ball on Shepherds defenders for a clearance

50' Another Seveners free kick in their own half after Yvong August foul on Reece Lerr

52' Seveners Reece Lerr shot just went past Shepherds keeper

52' Substitution for Shepherds United; Eddison Stephen out and Don Jack in

53' Great and first shot from Don Jack of Shepherds with his fresh leg and hit the cross bar

56' Another shot from Danny Michel but good save from Seveners keeper

62' Substitution for Shepherds United: John Mark Bell out and in Johnny Tasso

63' Looks like Seveners Spencer Noal is putting alot of pressure on Shepherds defenders

69' Goal!!!!!! Seveners United 1-0 Shepherds United; Johnny Tasso of Shepherds scores own goal against his keeper after his past to his keeper went directly into the net

74' Shepherd's Danny Michel head away a great chance for a Seveners goal kick

75' Seveners Reece Lerr just miss to score for his team and flys the ball over the crossbar

76' Morgan Maltuntung flys away a great pass from Reece leer to Shepherds goal kick

78' Shepherds keeper handles the ball outside his penalty box and referee Mahit Chilia blows whistle for a free kick.

80' Goal!!!!!!!!! Seveners 2-0 Shepherds United; Reece Lerr beautifully scores Seveners second goal from the free kick

82' Shepherds striker Dannjy Michel try his best but all clear by Junior Vava

83' Shepherds free kick from Yvon August and easy save by Seveners keeper

84' Corner kick for Shepherds but Danny flys the ball over the goal line for a Seveners goal kick

86' Caution for Shepherds United Ruben Sandy after foul on Reece Leer

90' Two minutes added time

91' Spencer had another chance but flys the ball over the bar

92' Seveners defender Issachar is now playing up front

Final Whistle is blow

Latest NSL Table after first leg

1. Tafea FC 8
2. Amicale FC 7
3. Tupuji Imere FC 7
4. Shepherds United FC 5
5. Seveners United FC 3

Updated On Tuesday, May 01, 2012
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