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Amicale 0-0 Ifira Black Bird

Amicale and Ifira Black Bird moved one point each after both teams draw 0-0 in the Premier League match at Port Vila Stadium this afternoon.

Amicale FC captain Fenedy Masauvakalo miss two golden chances to score for the reds and also one from Kensi Tangis.

Ifira show a lot of confidence in the match, also had few chances to score against the champions.

Amicale still third on the ladder on goal difference and Ifira Black Bird fourth.

Venue: PV Stadium

Saturday 12 November 2016
11am- Mauriki vs Spirit 08
1pm- Siaraga FC vs Tafea FC
3pm- Shepherds United vs Tupuji Imere FC

Bye: Erakor Golden Star FC

Latest Standing

1. Erakor Golden Star FC 33
2. Tafea FC 29
3. Amicale FC 24
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 24
5. Tupuji Imere FC 20
6. Siaraga FC 11
7. Mauriki FC 7
8. Spirit 08 FC 6
9. Shepherds United FC 4

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