Amicale 2-1 Tafea

Amicale FC came from behind to beat tafea FC 2-1 last Saturday in the PVFA Premier League 2017 competition at PV Stadium.

Tafea attacking midfielder Eddison Stephen puts Tafea a head in the first half with a superb goal against his former goalkeeper, Seloni Iaruel.

After the break, The former champions came back strongly and scored two goals as Amicale hold on their lead until the final whistle to give a good three points on the table.

In the other match, Tupuji Imere FC beat Mauwia FC 3-0 and Ifira Black Bird beat Siaraga FC 2-0.

Latest Table after Round Three

1. Erakor Golden Star 9
2. Ifira Black Bird 9
3. Amicale FC 6
4. Tupuji Imere FC 6
5.Siaraga FC 3
6. Mauwia 1
7. Tafea 1
8. Mauriki 0

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