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Amicale Soccer Sevens, successful in producing good players for Vanuatu

Vanuatu giant club, Amicale FC are considered by many to be the best team in Vanuatu, one of the key reasons for this great achievement is the Vanuatu top class players they have.

Most of them were produced through their own kid’s football program by Amicale long time, Coach Philemon John few years ago.

Amicale new management got new ideas on how to find new players for the Red Roosters tomorrow.

Technical director, Anthony Pisano who spends plenty of his time and money into football in Port Vila and Vanuatu start a new look kid’s football program called Soccer Sevens sponsored by different companies in town.

Every Saturday mornings kids turns up in numbers play and you can see the talented young players.

“The idea of starting this program is to help the kids who have nothing to do on Saturday morning to play football and you can see there are lots of talented players.” Said Anthony Pisano.

“It is very important to start helping these football players with basic skills and help their understanding of the game and I am sure Vanuatu will have great players, playing for national team in the future.”

George Regenvanu, a former Vanuatu Football Federation Just Play manager also part of the program.

“What I have learned from Oceania Football and Vanuatu Football, I want to put it into practice with our local club.” Said George Regenvanu.

“We do a lot of Just Play program with VFF and people can see and know that kids love playing football.”

“It is important to help the talented Ni-Vanuatu players to start training now.”

“it is not just about playing football but helping them to live a healthy lifestyle and also to talk about the uniting and Strengthening relationship with other players through football.”

“I would like to thank all parents who supported this important kid’s football program and we invite them every Saturday to Amicale field from 8am to 11am to show their support to their children.”

Amicale FC Kids football development program is the biggest in Vanuatu.

For more information, contact Amicale Soccer Sevens on phone: 77 422 11.

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