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Amicale vs Tupuji and Erakor vs Tafea

This Saturday’s matches at Port Vila stadium will be hot and the fans are encourage to come and support their teams.

At 11am- Shepherds United will take on Mauriki FC .

Vanuatu club champion, Amicale FC will take one of the best team in the Premier League, Tupuji Imere FC at 1pm and 3pm will see Tafea takes on the table leader, Erakor Golden Star.

1pm- Shepherds United vs Mauriki FC

Shepherds United still have two matches to play and a win against Mauriki will help them level with Mauriki on 7 points each.

Shepherds players to watch: Jonathan SpokeyJack and Ennie Roberts

Mauriki FC still have three matches to play and a win against Shepherds United will help them with three to stay close with Siaraga FC.

Mauriki player to watch: Trevor.

1pm- Amicale vs Tupuji Imere

Amicale must be careful to play against the winner of PVFA Cup and Independance Cup, Tupuji Imere FC. The Red Roosters will be looking for a win against Tupuji to stay close with Tafea FC.

Its not going to be an easy match for them but they have very good players including the three Brazilian players.

Amicale players to watch: Fenedy Masauvakalo, Francois Sakama, Octav Meltecoin,

Marcelo and defender Diego Maximo.

Tupuji Imere also have some very good players and they will not be afraid to take on the champions this Saturday. They are the only team to win two tournament thsi year and they want to be in top four.

Tupuji Imere players to watch: Rodney Serveux, Kenedy Soromon, Morsen, Anto Malapa, Moli.

3pm- Erakor Golden Star vs Tafea

Erakor Golden Star who are now top on the ladder, looks good and dangerous.

They have all the confident to play well and they can beat Tafea this Saturday. They still have three matches to play and a win will see them still top on the ladder with 36 points.

Erakor Golden Star players to watch: Kaltfer Kaltack, Tony Kaltack, Tonly Kalotang and Brian Kaltack.

Tafea on the other hand have only two matches to play and this Saturday’s match against Erakor is a must win for them.

If they beat Erakor on Saturday, they will level with Erakor Golden Star with 33 points on the table.

Tafea players to watch: Robert Tasso, Kevin Shem, Nicool Tari and Bong Kalo.

Number of matches for each Premier League clubs.

Erakor Golden Star FC- 3 matches
Tafea FC- 2 matches
Amicale FC – 2 matches
Ifira Black Bird FC- 3 matches
Tupuji Imere FC – 3 matches
Siaraga FC- 4 matches
Mauriki FC- 2 matches
Spirit 08 FC- 3 matches
Shepherds Untied FC- 2 matches

Fixtures for this week
Venue: Port Vila Stadium

Friday 18 November 2016
3pm- Siaraga FC vs Spirit 08 FC

Saturday 19 November 2016
11am- Shepherds United FC vs Mauriki FC
1pm- Amicale FC vs Tupuji Imere FC
3pm- Erakor Golden Star FC vs Tafea FC

Latest Standing

1.Erakor Golden Star FC 33
2. Tafea FC 30
3. Amicale FC 27
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 24
5. Tupuji Imere FC 23
6. Siaraga FC 12
7. Mauriki FC 7
8. Spirit 08 FC 6
9. Shepherds United FC


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