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Luganville FA program set

Luganville Football Association (LFA) vice- President Barthelemy Ngwele said that all 7 clubs in the Premier Division and 7 in the First Division are alll set for this year’s championship.
“It is a big day for football in Luganville because for the first time we have another division in the League.”
“For many years, we have only first division but today LFA excutive has approved the Premier and First Division.” Said Barthelemy Ngwele, LFA vice- president.
Premier Division
1. AS Concord FC
2. Vaum United FC
3. Tafea FC
4. Sia-raga FC
5. Malampa Revivors
6. Torba United FC
7. Santos FC
First Division
1. Aplot FC
2. Melston FC
3. VFF Centre Academy (U17)
4. Orien Rangers FC
5. Kole FC
6. Saint Michel FC
7. Mevea FC
This Saturday’s program at Chapuis Stadium
Premier Dvision (Field 1)
1pm- Tafea FC vs Santos FC
3pm- Sia-raga FC vs AS Concorde FC
First Division ( Field 2)
1pm—Academy Centre FC vs Saint Michel FC
3pm- Aplot FC vs Melston FC
Latest Premier League standing
1. Malampa Revivors FC 3
2. Vaum United FC 1
3. Santos FC 1
4. Torba United FC 0
5. Tafea FC 0
6. AS Concorde FC 0
7. Sia-raga FC 0

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