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Cup Name has Changed

The new name of the Pre-season football competition is now TVL Smile Cup and not TVL Opening Cup, proudly sponsored by Telecom Vanuatu Limited (TVL).
“TVL has been the sponsor of Port Vila Football for the last 10 years and today we (PVFA) would like to name the cup, TVL Smile Cup.” Said PVFA President, Christian Kaltabang.
“The new TVL Smile Cup has arrived in the country and the cup is now on display at TVL House in Port Vila.” He said.
The first two clubs who will play for the first ever TVL Smile Cup in the grand final is Tafea FC and Ifira Black Bird FC this Saturday at Port Vila Stadium.
The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Telecom Vanuatu, Mr. Prakash Bheekhoo said TVL will also support football in Port Vila.
“On behalf of TVL management and staffs, I want to let PVFA and VFF knows that TVL will continue to support football development in the country.” Said TVL CEO Mr. Bheekhoo.
“We have given our financial contribution to football for the last 10 years now and we will continue to support football as the number sport of Vanuatu today.”
“We are happy to see the big cup and the best team wins the cup this Saturday.” Concluded Mr.Prakash Bheekhoo.
Tafea meets Ifira Black Bird in the grand final of the TVL Smile Cup this Saturday.

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