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National Super League new format

For the last three years Vanuatu Football Federation gave the right to Port Vila Football Association to organise the NSL competition with their five top teams in the Premier League.
With lots of questions and discussion raised, congress has come up with one understanding and approves the new format with two groups to be play round robin in the Northern Region and Southern Region.
“I want to announce the new format of the NSL for the coming years.” said President Lambert Maltck.
“Congress has approved three top clubs from Port Vila Football Association, one from Tafea FA and one from Shefa Football Association to compete in the Southern Region Competition.”
“In the Northern Region, there will be five clubs representing the 5 Football Associations. “
”There will be no semi final and the two top clubs who finish first in each competition qualify directly to the final of the National Super League home and away.” said VFF President Lambert Maltock.
The National Super League is the biggest Competition in Vanuatu and Amicale has crowd champions three times in a row since 2010.
In Port Vila, new comer in the Premier Division Erakor Golden Star FC already qualify for the NSL competition with Amicale FC but the third place will be decide this Saturday between Spirit 08, Tafea FC and Shepherds United FC.
The winner of the NSL will represent Vanuatu Football in the OFC Champions League in 2014.
VFF will announce the date of the competition in the next few weeks.