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Worworbu and Iaruel performed well

Defender Joseph Iaruel and striker Sylvain Worworbu received special awards after their good performance with St Peter’s College football team after their team secured second spot in the final standing.
Striker Worworbu hits fourteen goals in the competition and was awarded the top price of the top scorer and defender Joseph Iaruel received the player of the year award.
St Peter’s College is now one step away to play in the higher division next season if they win their playoff match.
Worwrobu and Iaruel also perform well in their academy studies and the school administration would like to congratulate them.
Some of the Premier League clubs in Auckland already keep an eye on the two Ni-Vanuatu players and who knows they might end up playing for big clubs in New Zealand in the years to come.
Vanuatu Football Federation wishes both players all the best in their football careers.