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Can Fenedy Masauvakalo lead Amicale to victory?

He is the captain of the Red Roster and every single match played in Port Vila every Saturday, he must score a goal and make him to be one of the best strikers in Vanuatu at the moment especially in Port Vila Football Association.
The question is can he score for Amciale this Saturday? In Fiji when they play Lautoka, he failed to score againts the Blues even though he had the perfect chances to score two clear goals to help Amcale win but all the hard works comes to nothing.
All Vanuatu fan’s eyes will be on the fine captain. Can he lead Amicale to a victory this Saturday.
Fenedy was a very cricket player when he was 10 years old and plays for Mele Bulls and switch to soccer when he was 17 because he is very good with football and now he is one of the deadly striker produced by Amicale Football Club.
Vanuafoot wishes the net breaker, best of luck in their match against their Wantok, Koloale this weekend at Port Vila Stadium.

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