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All Vanuatu eyes on Amicale

OFC has decided that the match will kick off at 3pm Vanuatu time and fans all around Vanuatu have the same thoughts in mind that for Amicale to win is they must fully concentrate, focus , play well and play as a team if they want to beat Koloale.
All eyes in Port Vila will be on Amicale this weekend and all ears in Vanuatu will listen live on Radio Vanuatu and FM 107 for the live coverage of the match Amicale vs Koloale. If you are connect to internet, Vanuafoot will update every 5 minutes of the game until the end on their website:
Tickets of the match is already on sale in town and there will be only 4000 tickets for the outside stand and 350 tickets for the main grand stand. Outside stand ticket cost VT 500 each, grand stand cost Vt 1000 and children under 12 pay VT 200.
“Its important that the fans pay their tickets now before its too late because there is not many tickets left .” Herve Malere, VFF accountant.
“Without a doubt, the most exciting thing will be seeing Vanuatu new Champion Amicale FC will play their first O League match in Vanuatu this weekend,” said Malere.
“Expectations are really high for the team and I think it’s a game people want to watch so be hurry and pay your tickets before its too late.” he concluded.

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