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Amicale players miss out on Beach Soccer

He said that Amicale FC has confirm that all their players are not going to fly to Tahiti because of their O League match with Lautoka on the 26 February 2011.
OFC Beach Soccer tournament will be held in Tahiti from 21-27 February 2011.
Top Amicale players who have the experience to play Beach Soccer like Fenedy Masauvakalo, Derek Malas, Goal Keeper Chikau Manasale, are not included in the national Beach Soccer team because of their commitment with the O League.
Mr. Richard Iwai said that he has found the replacement for all these players and they are preparing well at the moment to represent Vanuatu in the OFC Beach Soccer tournament in Tahiti.
“Its very sad that all these players cannot make it because of the O League match but I do have some other players who will replace them and now we are working hard to train as a team before Tahiti tournament.”
Pre-squad for Vanuatu Beach Soccer team:
Goal keepers: Ham Ishai, Alfred Malas, Daniel Mansale
Players: Jeffry Gete, Francois Sakama, Yvon August, Lele Hinge, Brian Kaltak, Pascal Chapod, Etienne Mermer, Noal Morris, Jean Nako, Don Mansale, Samson Obed, Fredy Vava, Saimata Chilia, Viliame Andrew Chichirua.

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