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Championship Preview: Ifira vs Shepherds

Just last week, a new local Brewery company in town, Zakari Brewery fully takes over the sponsorship of Shepherds United FC.
Shepherds United are the hosts this afternoon, and a victory over Ifira Black Bird would see them climb above Narak FC to sixth place on the table.
Ifira Black Bird under the watchful eyes of Coach Batram Suri will want to win this afternoon to catch up with Tafea and Erakor Golden Star.
The Black Bird are now fourth on the ladder with 12 points and a win today over Shepherds United will see them level with Tafea and Erakor on top of the ladder with 15 points each.
Match kicks off at 3pm this afternoon (Friday 27 February 2015) at Port Vila Stadium.
PVFA has rescheduled three matches of round eight.
Saturday 28 February 2015
1pm- Spirit 08 vs Erakor Golden Star
3pm- Gaitcha FC vs Tafea FC (International Friendly)
Monday 2 March 2015: 3pm- Amicale FC vs Tupuji Imere FC
Wednesday 4 March 2015: 3pm- Narak FC vs Tafea FC
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Latest TVL Premier League after round 7
1. Tafea FC 15
2. Erakor Golden Star FC 15
3. Amicale FC 14
4. Ifira Black Bird FC 12
5. Tupuji Imere FC 10
6. Narak FC 7
7. Shepherds United FC 6
8. Spirit 08 FC 0