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“We’re motivated to win:” Moses

“We’re already very motivated and even more so for important matches.” Said Coach Moses Toata.
“We’ve enjoyed success because we’ve always given everything in every match, no matter who the opposition are.”
“We always go out there to win and prove we’re the better team and that’s what we have to do on Thursday”, he stated. “Our motivation is the same as always: to win, win and win”. He said.
“Our three Vanuatu players, Brian Kaltack, Daniel Natou and Kensi Tangis fits in well with our players in our clubs and we they will be always in our starting line-up.”
“We want to take the Vanuatu tamtam back to Solomon Islands on Sunday.” Concluded Solomon Warriors FC head Coach, Moses Toata with a smile.
Warriors beat Western United 2-0 in the S-League competition a week ago, thanks to goals from Brian Kaltack and Kensi Tangis.
The two Solomon Islands top clubs will meet in a neutral ground for the first time on Thursday 8 October 2015 at 3pm at Port Vila Stadium.

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