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TVL, proud sponsor of VFF’s Academy

TVL are very proud to be a sponsor of Vanuatu’s most important sports association as the company aims to promote values also carried by the football in Vanuatu; amongst them are fair play, equity and forward thinking.
This year, VFF made a strong development to the country, with the help of TVL’s sponsorship, as now each of the 7 provinces of Vanuatu has its own TVL Premier League. “As Vanuatu’s first telecommunication company, TVL has a commitment towards communities”, says Catherine Rumillat, TVL Managing Director, “and football being the preferred sport in our country, it is a good way to reach a great number of people”. TVL decided to expand their sponsorship to the grass roots and since 2012 to the Academy, “as we feel it is our responsibility to help take care of our pikininis.” Catherine Rumillat added.
The role of the academy is to coach them in sport, football specifically, but also to teach them life. Indeed, all students not only practice their favorite sport, but they also go to school, learn how to take care of a garden or a house. The academy educates them to be resourceful men and this is a key for their future and the future of Vanuatu in general.
TVL, in agreement with VFF, chose to paint on the Academy’s walls the silhouettes of local boys who have become international players and who did their training there.
The purpose is to motivate students to follow these players’ example. “These silhouettes are not only a mural decoration, they aim at reminding the Academy students that they also can reach their goals ”declared Gerome Guicherd, Chief Marketing and Commercial Officer, “and I hope that they will follow these examples all along their training to become tomorrow’s stars.”
The opening of the 22nd Congress was a great success and people were pleased to discover the new branding of the Academy. For the painting, TVL hired a youth group which Catherine Rumillat congratulated on the quality of their hard work. “ These mural paintings now belong to the Academy, and we wish that you take good care of them as they represent TVL’s sponsorship and commitment to the Academy, but also the huge evolution of Vanuatu football ” Gerome Guicherd added.
He concluded, “Not all the kids and young men of the Academy will be represented on these murals, but TVL is very proud to help them all grow up and become the new generation.”

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