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Rorona Kalsakau attend PHP meeting in Fiji

UNICEF Vanuatu Field Office has nominated you to participate in the Pacific Humanitarian Partnerships meeting from the 28-29 October 2015 at the Holiday Inn in Sua, Fiji Islands.” Said Andrew Parker, Chief Of Officer of UNICEF in Vanuatu.
“During the meeting you are invited to participate as a panelist in the session on “Communicating with Communities “where you have ten minutes to talk about your experience.” He said.
“On behalf of Vanuatu Football and Just Play Program, I would like to thank UNICEF for their support towards Just Play Program in the country and also thank them for inviting me to attend this important meeting.” Said Rorona Kalsakau.
“I will represent Vanuatu well in the meeting and will present a good report.”
Rorona Kalsakau is a hard working lady and organized a lot of Just Play Program Festivals in Vanuatu with the help of UNICEF and other faithful partners in Vanuatu.
She flew to Fiji on Monday to attend the PHP meeting.

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