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Welcome to live up-dates from Port Vila Stadium

Academy vs Ifira Black Bird
Friday 28 January 2011.
Time: 4pm
Nemani Roguara 1 min, Yvon August 4 mins, Joseph Simo 40 mins, Jack Niko 43 mins, Nemani Roguara 52 mins, Brian Sumaki 76 mins.
Ifira Black Bird: Chichirua Waite 87 mins.
Saturday 29 January 2011
Yatel vs Spirit 08
Referee: George Bruce
First half: 0-0
Second half on the way now.
55″ Goal!!!!!! Spirit 1- Yatel 0 . Goal from Jimmy Enuki.
70″ Goal!!!!! Spirit 2- Yatel 0. Goal from Figo Louhman
Full Time.
Amicale vs Tafea Full live coverage on FM 107 and Radio Vanuatu
Time: 2pm
Referee: Lencie Fred
Kick off
3″crowds about 3000 now at Port Vila Stadium
12″ Both teams play same kind of football now and Joe Lui for Tafea just miss a golden opportunity to score.
20″ Joe Lui for Tafea just miss another chance to score
21″Alick Maemae and Fenedy Masauvakalo try to score but Tafea defence to strong
23″ Noal Morris makes a great shot but Ernest Bong Goalkeeper of Amicale makes a great save.
28″ Great Free kick for Alick Maemae for Amicale but over the bar
30″ Good head from Amicale Paul Young but great save from Tafea keeper Alfred Malas
33″ Grea free kick from Tafea Andrew Chichirua and good save from Amicale keeper Bong
38″ Good pass from Jack Whitney to Fenedy but he is also in a offside position
39″ Good shot from Daniel Natou but just go wide and goal kick for Amciale
41″ Caution for Selwyn Sese for Amicale after foul on Noal Morris
42″ Penalty for Tafea after Paul Young foul on Joe Lui inside penalty box
43″ Goal!!!! for Tafea 1- Amicale 0: Daniel Nato score from penalty spot
45″ Maemae just makes a great shot and miss a easy goal for Amicale
46″ Whistle blow and end of first half
Second half kicks off now
47″ Fenedy just miss a opportunity to score for Amicale just in front of Tafea keeper.
51″ Caution for Tafea Richard Iwai after he foul Robert Youlou
53″ Substitution for Tafea; Jacques Iaput out Roger Joe in.
54″ Jean Nako of Tafea just miss a golden chanc opportunity to score
56″ Substitution for Tafea: Francois Sakama in and Richard Iwai in.
56″ Substitution for Amicale: Stanley Waita out and Bisili Lenson in.
66″ Sakama of Tafea makes a great shot but over the bar.
67″ Sustitution for Amicale: Richard Anisua in and Robert Youlou out.
70″ Andrew Chichirua of Tafea handles the ball in his penalty box but referee Lencie wave it down.
71″ Substitution for Tafea: Etienne Mermer in and Jean Nako out
75″ Great free kick shot from Chichirua for Tafea but just over the bar.
75″ Substitution for Amicale: Derek Malas in and Jack Whitney out
76″ Joe Lui of Tafea is injured now
84″ Substitution for Tafea: Gete Jeffery in and out Andrew Chichirua.
85″ Penalty for Amicale after Daudau brought down by Tafea defence
86″ Goal!!!!! for Amicale 1 Tafea 1: Derek Malas convert the penalty.
87″ Substitution for Amicale: Maemae out and Batrama Suri
91″ Caution to Namatak Silas of Tafea and free kick for Amicale from Anisua but ball went out.
Next match coming up: Tupuji Imere vs Shepherds United.
Referee: Robinson Banga.
Kick off now
14″ Goal!!!!! for Tupuji Imere 1 Shepherds United 0. Bula hits it hard and the ball went in United goal mouth.
38″ Goal !!!!!!for Shepherds United 1- Tupuji Imere 1: Bill from United head a very good corner kick and went in Imere goal mouth.
45″ End of first half.
Second half is on the way
56″ Few Tupuji Imere players got injuries already in this half.
73″ Goal!!!!! for Tupuji Imere 2- 1 Shepherds United: Great goal from Rodney Serveux of Imere.
80″ Goal!!!!! for Tupuji Imere 3-1 Shepherds United: Another great goal from Tupuji striker Rodney Serveux. His second in the match
Latest TVL Premier League standing
Amicale 22
Tafea 16
Spirit 08 16
Academy 13
Shepherds United 12
Tupuji Imere 12
Yatel FC 4
Ifira Black Bird 0

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