Tafea 2-1 Spirit

After the break, Spirit regroup and saw Goden Tenene volley a great ball past substituted Tafea goalkeeper Kalo Firiam in 86 minutes but there is not enough time for the Grey to catch up.
Tafea lost their captain and defender, Lucien Hinge after he was sent off from the pitch in the second half by referee Anderson Tor.
Tafea’s win puts them second on Pool B ladder on goal difference.
In the same Pool match today saw Tupuji beat Shepherds United 3-0.
The two top clubs will qualify for thesemi final.
Latest Standing of Pool B after Day Two
1. Tupuji Imere FC 4
2. Tafea FC 4
3. Spirit 08 FC 3
4. Shepherds United FC 0

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