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Amicale 3-2 Tupuji Imere

Tupuji Imere striker Jimmy Sope scores the yellow’s first goal in the first half but after 50 minutes of play Jack Wetney reply back to level the score.
Amicale strong defender Nelson Sale head the Roster second goal after receiving a great ball from a corner kick but Tupuji young star Rodney Serveux level the score again after making a great shot and there is no way for Reds goal keeper Joel Kapen to handle the ball.
But just 20 minutes to go Amicale superstar Fenedy Masauvakalo hit the Champions last goal in style to give them another three points on the table and it was his seventh goal and Amicale now lead NSL with 24 points.
Last 15 minutes were the most exciting moments of the match, Amicale looked to go ahead and win the game and suddenly in 10 minutes that game changed and Tupuji started pressuring Amicale, but Amicale manage to keep everything apart from the 3 goals.
Amicale President Jean Yves Chabod said, “Yes, we are very happy because now we are the Vanuatu champions again for the second time and we will be ready to play in the O League coming soon.”

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