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Ronaldo: I was born to play football

This is not a Vanuatu name and the name Ronaldo is always comes from Brazil or from famous a football player.
Ronaldo Wilkins father comes from Pentecost islands in Penama Province. The island of the land diving which attracted many tourist until today.
Now Ronaldo was born on the 30th December 1999 and his father Richard Wilkins who is a former national defender for Vanuatu senior team named him after Ronaldo of Brazil who plays for Brazil in French 1998 World Cup.
Brazil lost to host French in the final of the World Cup but Ronaldo is always a favourite player for Richard Wilkins.
When his son was born at the Vila Central Hospital in Port Vila on the 30th December 1999, the only name Richard thinks of is Ronaldo.
Young Ronaldo grew up at Tagabe area in Port Vila, 5 minutes away from the Port Vila International airport.
When he was 6 years, his father Richard took him to Wan Smol Bag Futsal court where he started his futsal training until he was scouted by New Caledonian football legend Zimako.
Last year Ronaldo was invited by Zimako to be in his academy for almost 10 months.
Now he is back to Vanuatu and he was selected to be the captain of the Vanuatu young Olympic team to Nanjing.
“I was born to be a football player and my father knows it well.” Said Ronaldo Wilkins.
“I am very happy to be the captain of the team to China.”
“I know nothing about the two teams (Korea Republic and Cape Verde) in our group.”
“But to be honest I am ready to display my skills with my players and our main objective is to play good football and make Vanuatu and Oceania proud.” Added Ronaldo.
“This is going to be a great tournament for me and I want to do well and continue to play for Vanuatu in the U-17, U-20, U 23 and maybe national senior team one day.”
“I want my football families to support me and my friends in their prayers.” Concluded young Ronaldo Wilkins.
He told vanuafoot that if God’s will he can meet Ronaldo of Brazil one day….
The team has arrived safely in Shanghai (7:30am) and are in a coach now heading for Nanjing. An estimated 5 hrs drive.
The boys look tired but because the places are new and huge difference from Vila.

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