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Amicale 1-1 Shepherds United

Jean Nako made his comeback with the Reds in the tournament and helps Amicale led 1-0 in the first half.
After the break Shepherds United came back strongly and saw Amicale former striker who now play for United, Francois Sakama leveled the scoreboard 1-1 just before the end of the match.
Shepherds United captain and midfielder Yvon August hit the crossbar in 65 minutes and Amicale FC captain Fenedy Masauvakalo should have scored an easy goal to help his team beat United but heads it over the crossbar in 75 minutes.
The bad news for Shepherds is their defender, Tom Sal was sent off by referee Mahit Chilia and will miss United’s next match against Spirit 08 FC.
Shepherds United still third on the ladder but now have one point after draw with Amicale FC.
United’s next match is against Spirit 08 FC on Saturday while Amicale takes on Mauriki FC.
On Tuesday 18 August 2015 at 3pm, Ifira Black Bird FC will take on Tupuji Imere FC at Port Vila Stadium.
Day Two Program
Tuesday 18 August 2015- Pool B: Ifira Black Bird vs Tupuji Imere at 3pm
Wednesday 19 August 2015- Pool A: Mauriki FC vs Spirit 08 FC at 3pm
Thursday 20 August 2015- Pool B: Tafea vs Erakor Golden Star
Day Three
22 August 2015
11am- Shepherds Untied vs Spirit 08 FC
1pm- Amicale vs Mauriki FC
3pm- Ifira Black Bird vs Tafea FC
Monday 24 August 2015
3pm- Erakor Golden Star vs Tupuji Imere
Latest TVL Opening Cup standing
Pool A
1. Amicale FC 4
2. Mauriki FC 3
3. Shepherds United FC 1
4. Spirit 08 FC 0
Pool B
1. Tupuji Imere FC 3
2. Ifira Black Bird FC 3
3. Tafea FC 0
4. Erakor Golden Star FC 0

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