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Yatel 1-0 Tupuji

In a game characterized by oddball decisions by Yatel new coach Kaisen Maki, heated exchanges, and great defending by the “second bottom last,” the Blues have come out with a victory 1-0 over their rivals Imere to add to their ladder another three points.
Max Iavion scored the winner early, in only first minute with a great shot and Imere keeper just watch the ball enters his goal net.
While they had short spells where they looked okay, Tupuji Imere were never really in the match for a variety of reasons.
The central defense pairing of Bule Chilia and Timtim has been the backbone of the Tupuji team in multiple games this season and this match was no different.
Tupuji strikers, Frank Silas and Rodney Serveux worked hard all afternoon with no luck and no celebration for their faithful fans.
After the break the river boys came back very strongly but fail to score agains Yatel number one keeper and the match of the match Simon Farro who saves yatel today.
Despite playing great football and dominating all areas, Tupuji registered a total of ten shots on target throughout the match but all their shots gone wide over the bar and crossbar.
It was a performance that will leave Tupuji Toroi Sokomanu shaking his head for full 90 minutes.
The win puts Yatel still in second last but now with seven points on TVL Premier League table.
Latest TVL Premier League standing
Amicale 31
Tafea 28
Spirit 08 19
Shepherds United 19
Tupuji Imere 18
Academy 17
Yatel FC 7
Ifira B B 3

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