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Westam Girls beat Ifira Girls 4-1

The match was played in three 30-minute sessions, with Westam Girls giving no space for the Black Bird in their backyard and scored four goals to give them three points on the table.
In the other matches, Amicale Girls beat Malapoa College Girls 8-2, Lycee girls beat Kings United Girls 4-1 and Tafea forfeited Pango Green Bird Girls.
VFF Women’s Football Development Officer, Rorona Kalsakau said she is very happy that Women’s football is now underway in Port Vila with 8 teams taking part.
“It’s really good to see Women’s Football kicks off in Vila. “For me, the biggest objective is to start the competition and let the girls play soccer.”
“After the launching from VFF last Saturday, you can see that girls in Vanuatu want to play soccer.”
“What I observe in day one is I believe that the quality and entertainment value displayed in the women’s game has brought great credibility and acceptance of the sport among the whole football community in Port Vila.”
“I encourage all the girls who have nothing to do at home to come out and join a team and play because I think playing soccer it’s great.” Said Rorona Kalsakau, VFF Women’s Football Development Officer.
Latest Standing
1. Amicale 3
2. Westam 3
3. Lycee 3
4. Tafea 3
5. Ifira Black Bird 0
6. Kings United 0
7. Pango Green Bird 0

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