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Registration close in two weeks

PVFA President, Christian Kaltabang told the club presidents last night that it is very important to complete all forms and return them to PVFA office as soon as possible.
“We need the complete forms please as soon as possible.” Said Christian Kaltabang.
“Each club must also pay their affiliation fees of VT 40 000 for 2014/2015 season.” You can pay VT 20 000 now and play in the TVL Opening Cup this week but before the TVL Premier League kicks off, all fees must be complete.” He added.
“Your player’s license must also be paid before the TVL Premier league kicks off.” This is very important and I am asking all the clubs present today to think seriously about the registration, fees and their player’s licenses.”
“Please pass on this message to the clubs who are here tonight.” Said Christian Kaltabang, PVFA President.
The TVL Opening Cup of 2014/2015 season kicks off this weekend.

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