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Amicale 2-0 Tupuji Imere

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Amicale 2 -0 Tupuji Imere
Kick off time: 1pm
Match kick now.
13′ Tupuji captain Anto Malapa just miss to score after he makes a good shot from 7 meters but good save frtom Amicale keeper Chikau Mansale.
18′ Gibson miss another golden opportunity t score for Amicale
20′ Tupuji Imere Rodney Serveux miss to score for Tupuji.
23′ Selwyn Sese of Amicale makes a great shot but hits Tupuji crossbar.
24′ Both sides display great football.
31′ Great shot from Saimata Chilia for Amicale but over the bar
34′ Alphonse Bonganaim of Amicale makes a clear shot but over the bar of Imere
37′ Fenedy take another shot but miss target
41′ Yellow card to Tintin Mera Tupiji Imere after foul on Gibson Daudau
45′ Referee blow whistle for end of first half.
45′ Substitution for Tupuji: Mosen Sope out and Kape Serveux in
45′ Second half is on the way.
47′ Fenedy run fast 6 Tupuji defenders makes a shot but go wide and goal kck for Tupuji
48′ Yellow Card for Moffet Deremoa after foul on Tupuji defender Naul
50′ Tupuji striker Rodney Serveux takes a shot but great save from Amicale keeprr Chikau Manasale
51′ Fenedy just miss to score for the reds again.
52′ Amicale Richard Anisua take a free kick abour 15 meters away from Tupuji keeper and good save from Tupuji keeper Manaki Teliton
60′ Substitution for Amicale: Richard garae out and Mermer Fernando in
61′ Yellow card for Derek Malas of Amicale after foul on Imere defender.
62′ Substituion for Tupuji : Willie Leman out and Michel Coulon in
66′ Great shot from Fenedy but great save from Tupuji keeper Amanaki.
67′ Red for Tintin Mera of Tupuji after foul language against Gibson Daudau
68′ Great shot from Tupuji Anto Malapa but over the bar of Amicale
73′ Amicale 1-0 Tupuji after Defender Solo international Richard Anisua shot from 25 meters and the ball went straight in.
74′ Yellow card to Gibson Daudau after foul on Imere defender
79′ Referee Aru Emanuel give marching out to order Tupuji assistant coach Lulu Mansale out from grand stand
82′ Yellow card to Saimata Chilia of Amicale after foul on Tupuji Kape Serveux
86′ Amicale 2-0 Tupuji. Solo international Moffet Deremoa makes a strong shot after run fast two defender and there is no change for Tupuji keeper to handle that strong shot.
87′ Yellow card to Amicale Richard Anisua.
90′ Final whistle Amicale beat Imere 2-0
Latest standing
1. Amicale 12
2. Tafea 6
3. Spirit 08 2
3. Tupuji Imere 1
5. Shepherds United 1
Information Punjas Cup Semi final on Santo
Stadium: Chapuis – Luganville, Santo
First half: As Concorde 1 – 1 Milo
Second kicks off now.
Final score: AS Concorde 2-1 Milo

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