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Security is our business, Force Commander Aru

VMF have study the March 2010 incident and told Fabien that there will be enough Force members and Police ahead of the O League match between Amicale vs Koloale this Saturday.
Mr Aru Maralau, Lieutenant Colonel Cammander of Vanuatu Mobile Foce said,” anybody misbahaviour before, during and after the match will go directly to jail then to court.”
“We want to remind all Vanuatu soccer lovers then no drucken people are allow in the stadium and the Police and force will search every body’s bag at the check point before the entrance so everyone must come in time before the game.”
“Stones, Knifes, bottles and offensive weapons are not allow in the stadium.”
Vanuatu Football Federation and O League Committee is very happy so far with what Vanuatu Mobile Force and Police are doing for Football in Port Vila and sure that nothing will happen this Saturday and everyone should come in the stadium and enjoy the O League match.

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