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Women’s Football coaching course kicks off

The five-day course is being conducted by FIFA and AFC Instructor Chan Shuk Chi with assistance from Nicola Demaine, OFC Women’s Football Development Officer and there are 20 participants of the course.
Chan Shuk Chi arrived in Vanuatu on Sunday for the second time and is a widely experienced coach with qualifications gained in her home country.
“Women’s football is growing and I hope you take the lessons you will learn here to heart and apply it yourself,” she explained. “You could be the next women’s national team coach if you apply yourself,” said Chan Shuk Chi.
“We are very privileged to have someone with experience on the international level as a player and coach,” described Rorona Kalsakau, VFF Women’s Football Development Officer before the opening of the course by Vanuatu Football Chief Executive Officer Albert Manaroto.
“Chan comes from a sports education background with coaching licenses from many places, so I expect all those involved in the course to learn a lot and I look forward to them putting back into our association with that knowledge.”
The participants are mostly Vanuatu Women’s club representatives.
VFF Women’s Department also invite their two main partners, Vila Central Hospital and Media to be part of the course for the first time.

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