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VFF is looking for is head of Social Responsibility Deparment

The Vanuatu Football Federation is looking for his Head of Social Responsibility Department
You will report directly to the VFF Chief Executive Officer and Oceania Football Confederation and you will be required to provide monthly reports based on your work in-country.
Position purpose:
To implement and maintain the strategy for the current and future development of football in Vanuatu, with specific emphasis in assisting the implementation of the Vanuatu grassroots football and through social responsibility activities currently designed by VFF and OFC under Just Play Programme or to design.
Social Responsibility is a theory that an organisation has a responsibility to society at large. The responsibility is intended to be ‘positive’ and should bring benefits to communities and society as a whole. Oceania Football Confederation and Vanuatu Football Federation aim to use football as a social development tool which can have a positive impact on:
1. Health
2. Education
3. Active Citizenship
4. Anti-discrimination (gender equity)
Your role will be to:
• Work with Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF)
• Represent VFF in a positive light to your community and international agencies in your country;
• Provide regular updates and provide advice on potential projects in the area of social responsibility that could potentially be implemented in Vanuatu with VFF
• Help to expand our reach with promoting football in Vanuatu
• In charge of the coordination and management of the Just Play Programme and grassroots activities;
• Ensure to achieve the vision, target and objectives of the determined business and development plan for the Just Play Programme;
• Provide leadership and direction to all Community, school, church and provincial leagues which have attended the Just Play Programme;
• Prepare and organise grassroots festival
• Promote Just Play Programme and VFF grassroots activities
• Identify opportunities/projects that VFF could be involved with that helps to improve the lives of our people in the region
• Implement Social Responsibility projects in VFF as agreed and approved by the Head of the Social Responsibility Department of OFC and CEO and Technical Director of VFF
• Raise funds for Social development projects
• Develop / Maintain relationship between VFF, Government, Institutions and NGO
You will be supported by the Social Responsibility Team of OFC based in Auckland and by VFF.
Skills and experience required:
The applicant must:
– Have worked in NGO’s or similar associations for a minimum of 3 years
– Have skills in communication, marketing, team work
– A degree in sport management, or management or have done studies in social works/welfare
– Administrative and management experience in related fields for a minimum of 5 years
– Effective written and oral communication skills. Fluency in Bislama, English and French would be an advantage.
– Experience in the use of various computer software packages
– Well developed organisational skills
This position is based in Port Vila.
All candidates MUST submit a written application with letter of application and CV to Vanuatu Football Federation, CEO, VFF Haus, PO Box 266, Port Vila, Vanuatu before the 15th of September 2011.