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Tafea top Premier League table

Nichol Tari and Sika Mahuni stars as the Vanuatu club champions moved out from third position to the first this season.
Tafea looks very strong against the new comer and one of their objectives is to keep playing good football, win matches and qualify again for the next VFF National Super League in 2015.
Tomorrow Friday 28 November 2014, Amicale FC will play a outstanding match against Shepherds United at 3pm.
Latest standing after Day 5
1. Tafea FC 10
2. Erakor Golden Star FC 9
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 8
4. Amicale FC 7
5. Tupuji Imere FC 7
6. Shepherds United FC 6
7. Narak Tegapu FC 1
8. Spirit 08 FC 0

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