Day One Results

Shepherds United came from Behind to beat Academy U-17 at Korman Stadium 3-2 while Ifira Black Bird down Black Dimond 5-2 and Amicale beat AS Ambassador 3-1.
Erakor Golden Star draws with Sia-Raga 0-0.
“I am very happy to see the U-20 competition kicks off last Saturday.” Said Bong Shem, PVFA administrator.
“The future of football in Port Vila and Vanuatu is young football players so we must start now to organise their football competition.” He said.
“PVFA would like to thank Classic Printers for their sponsorship.” he added
The two top teams in each pools will qualify to play in the semi final.
Another youth football news: Port Vila Football Association will soon starts the Under 17 Competition and will invite the high schools in Port Vila to take part in the Competition.
Latest Classic Printers Standings
Pool A
1. Ifira Black Bird 3
2. Amicale 3
3. AS Ambassador 0
4. Black Dimond 0
Pool B
1. Shepherds United 3
2. Erakor Golden Star 1
3. Sia-Raga 1
4. Academy U-17
Up Coming match Fixtures
Saturday 27 September 2014
9am- Amicale vs Black Dimond at Korman Stadium.
11am- Sia-Raga vs Academy U-15 at Korman Stadium
9am- Ifira Black Bird vs AS Ambassador at Kawenu Field
9am- Erakor G Star vs Shepherds United at Amicale Field
Saturday 4 September 2014
9am- Erakor G Star vs Sia-Raga ar Korman Stadium.
11am- As Ambassador vs Black Bimond at Korman Stadium
9am- Sia-Raga cs Shepherds United at Kawenu Field
9am- Ifira Black Bird vs Amicale at Amicale Field