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Don’t just complain – help clean up city

And a good time to do that, Christian Kaltabang said during a special lunch with Port Vila City Lord Mayor Mr. Ruben Olul on Tuesday at MK Chinese Restaurant in Port Vila.
The Football City Clean Up “is really a grass-roots, community effort. It’s a self-organized event designed to encourage all our football players to take some time … to help clean up our City.”
Kaltabang said that while the city is in a urgent need for a daily clean up because of thousand of tourist visiting Port Vila every day, it’s the responsibility of all football players and citizens to pick up rubbish from airport to town next Thursday 17 January 2012.
“Football is the biggest sports in Vanuatu and most young people love the sports but at the end of the day, we must educate them to clean their homes and our beautiful city.”
“This is a do-it-yourself call-out to all football players and other sport discipline of our city to take pride and follow the footballer players to clean Port Vila.”
“Not only is it about keeping Port Vila City clean … it’s really about lending a helping hand to our hard working Municipality staffs and getting to know each other and doing good deedd.”
“Not only is it going to look good, and it’s going to smell good, but it’s going to feel good.” Concluded PVFA President Christian Kaltabang.

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