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Warm up exercises for Referees very important

This is the first time in a referee course in Vanuatu, the course participants learned something new but important from the FIFA 11+ Referee manual.
Mark Hester talks about the importance of proper warm up for match officials before a match.
“Doing warm up exercises before your match is important in many ways.” Said Mark Hester.
“A good warm up will gradually increase your heart rate, increase circulation to your muscles, tendons and ligaments, and mentally prepare you for your match.”
“Football refereeing requires various skills and abilities, including endurance, agility, speed, and a technical and tactical understanding of the game.”
“All of these aspects will be taught and improved during specific training sessions, but officiating also entails a certain risk of injury.”
“Coming late to the ground and heading out for a run too fast in your match and not warmed up is a recipe for injury.”
“This same message applies to all football players, not just the referees.”
“So it is important to come to the stadium one hour before your match so you can have a good warm up and I am sure you will have a fantastic match.”
“Please continue to read the FIFA 11+ Manuel referee book to help you fit and ready to officiate a football match.” Said Mark Hester.

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