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Amicale football school open in Vila

Former Solomon International Batram Suri, striekr Fenedy Masauvakalo, Richard Anisua and other clubs top players the chance to acquire professional skills, conducted a training session at Antoise Rossi Field.
The 1 hour 30 minutes session included basic football skills, playing as a team, passing, ball conttrol and how to play 5 aside football.
“It was easier to do because we were shown how to do it,” said one of the young child.
“It was really good and I learnt new skills. I got better at control and dribbling,” added a Jeremy a future attacking midfielder for Amicale FC.
According to William Malas, the organisation’s Techincal Director, the programme sows the seeds for a lifetime of good health.
“It was awesome. I had so much fun and learnt new skills,” said one of Kiki Ding, 10-year-old. “There was some good advice and it should make our team better if we grow up.”
“The trainings every Saturdays focuses on skills development and technique,” said Mr Malas.
“The soccer school is the grassroots of youth development at Amicale. It’s about providing the kids with a positive experience. It’s about fun and learning skills. For us, it’s about getting them social. There are lots of different nationalities coming and they make friends with people from all over the Pacific.” he said.
Amicale Kids football development program is proudly sponsored by Au Bon Marche, Twisties company and Just Play program. Program starts at 7:30am to 8:30pm every Saturday mornings.
Amicale Kids football program works closely with the Just Play program in Vanuatu.Just Play program is proudly sponsored by OFC, UEFA and Australia Goverment.
Fees for one child a month is VT 1000 and the coaching department allow only 150 kids a month, so first come first go!
For more information call William Malas, Amicale Techincal Director on phone: 77 41894.