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Time to think seriously about coaching; Manaroto

Before opening the course on Monday this week, the Chief Executive Officer of Vanuatu Football Federation, Mr. Albert Manaroto reminded all youth football coaches who attended the first Youth Coaching course this week to think seriously about their role as football coaches in Vanuatu.
“Today we have many coaching courses in Vanuatu and we have top OFC and FIFA instructors who have come to help us and on behalf of Vanuatu Football executive, I take this opportunity to remind you all that we must take every course seriously and help Vanuatu Football achieve success in the future.” Said Albert Manaorot, VFF CEO.
“You coaches must go back after the course and start teaching our young children the football coaching skills you have learned from Giovanni.”
“It’s not good coming to the course and after five days, you go back home and forget everything which is not really good for Vanuatu Football.”
“Please think seriously about your role as a youth coach and I am sure if you all work hard enough, we will achieve success in football.”
The aim of the course this week at Teouma Football Academy is to enhance participants’ knowledge of the game and improve their understanding of the player development with a specific focus on the youth development phase (13-16 years old).
Vanuatu Football Federation would like to thank FIFA and OFC for their continuous financially supports towards the development of football in the country.

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