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NS League rolling again in Day 6 and 7

Thursday 2 June 2011
1pm Shepherds United vs Tupuji Imere
3pm Amicale vs Spirit 08
Fenedy Masauvakalo, the O League top scorer, added: “It was a very important step now for us, but it’s not definitive. We have to remain focused because, after all, we are up against the some of the best clubs in Vila so we need to stay concentrate at all time. We are not yet through.”
Saturday 4 June 2011
1pm Amicale vs Shepherds United
3pm Tafea vs Tupuji Imere
Tafea will still hold “our heads high” despite being in the second place , insists captain Richard Iwai. “You never know what can happen next in football,” he said. “This is football.”
In Saturday’s games, Amicale meet Shepherds United at 1pm , while Tafea host Tupuji Imere at 3pm. Have your say on who you think will win.
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Latest NSL classement
1. Amicale 12
2. Tafea 10
3. Tupuji Imere 5
4. Spirit 08 4
5. Shepherds United 1

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