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Fenedy back on target as Amicale advance

Fenedy scored his first goal in 35 minutes and help Amicale lead the first half.
After the break Amicale came back strongly and saw Spirit scores the Red’s second goal when defender Selwyn Sese made a mistake and kick the ball into his own goal.
Spirit reply back with a great goal from Bernard Daniel as he jump high and head a strong ball past Amicale keeper Chikau Mansale.
Few minutes later, young Spirit striker Sylvain Tenene level the scoreboard 2-2 in 62 minutes.
But the afternoon story changed when Amicale deadly striker Fenedy Masauvakalo scores two quick goals before the end of the match.
Nigerian striker Sanni Issa and Solomon Islands International Jeffery Bule played a important role today as goal distributor to Fenedy Masauvakalo.
The win puts Amicale second on the table with 9 points, level with Tafea FC who lost to Erakor Golden Star today too.

Other Results today at Port Vila Stadium
Tupuji Imere 1-0 Yatel FC
Shepherds United FC 2-1 Ifira Black Bird FC
Amicale FC 4-2 Spirit 08 FC
Erakor Golden Star FC 2-1 Tafea FC

Latest TVL Premier League Standing after Day Four
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 10
2. Amicale FC 9
3. Tafea FC 9
4. Spirit 08 FC 4
5. Ifira Black Bird FC 4
6. Shepherds United FC 4
7. Tupuji Imere FC 4
8. Yatel FC 1

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