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TVL Matches Preview for this weekend

Match One Friday 11 February 2011
Tafea vs Academy at 4pm
This is the big match of the night where the team of the Young stars is going to take on the team of the Tafea once again . Well this condition are change the academy team will be looking good and strong in this match. Tafea have a good squad and have some of the best players who were looking for the win agaisnt Academy tomorrow at 4pm.
Saturday 12 February 2011
Match two at 12 pm.
Ifira Black Bird vs Yatel
Yatel and Ifira are the two last teams in the TVL Premier will see them play against each on Saturday. Ifira is still last on the TVL Premier League with zero points. Yatel will try to win this match to help them fight for the fifth place in the classement.
Match three at 1:45pm
Spirit 08 vs Shepherds United
Spirit will be very strong against Shepherds United on Saturday. Spirit are equal with Tafea on points and a win will take them to the second spot. Shepherds needs to win to keep their dream alive in the top five and a win will be fantastic.
Match four at 3:30pm
Amicale vs Tupuji Imere
Tupuji take on the table leader Amicale at 3:30pm with Luke Eroi ‘s men are favourites for victory. But Imere on the other hand will try to fight back to play a good game against the champions. Both teams met before the season starts and draw 1-1.
Latest TVL Premier League standing
Amicale 22
Tafea 16
Spirit 08 16
Academy 13
Shepherds United 12
Tupuji Imere 12
Yatel FC 4
Ifira Black Bird 0
Photo: Gianni Calvo

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