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Coach Buzzetti memorable career comes to an end

However, two years later he found himself back in Port Vila bringing some great football tactics to a new team Spirit 08.
Now, after a long career of coaching football or soccer, Coach Buzzetti has made the decision to come to Vanuatu with his wife Betsie after spending four years with Fiji Football.
But his return to Vanuatu is a surprise to many football fans because people though that it is the end of Carlos Buzzetti. But as the saying goes, as one door closes another opens.
He helps Spirit achieved some very good result last season in Port Vila and came third in the overall TVL and National Soccer League classement.
It looks like things be coming tougher for him and Spirit 08 players. They lost their two last matches narrowly against Tupuji Imere and today against Academy which brings alot of question to their own fans if they can make it to top 5 and participate in the NSL coming up in April.
Carlos is a fine coach in his time with VFF. He has made one great football story for Vanuatu Football when he coach Vanuatu national team to beat New Zealand 4-2 in Adelaide in 2004.
“Knowing Buzzetti it’s hard to think that he’d step down from VFF few years ago after not reaching the goal of winning any competition for VFF in OFC tournament,” one football fan told vanuafoot . “We can’t dismiss all the good things he’s done.”
“For me Buzzetti is great when he is still with us at VFF,” said one soccer fan. “He had a lot of experience coaching in top clubs in Australia and also with the Australia national teams but now he is not like Carlos of 2004.”
Buzzetti looks tired every Saturdays he came to the stadium and he needs to find someone to replace him soon to take over the coaching role of Spirit 08, because coaching a football club in a strong Premier League is not an easy job.

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