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Fenedy apologizes to Vanuatu fans

Just before Fenedy faces Academy last Saturday , he’s suddenly decided that he’s sorry for what he did to everyone.
2010-2011 O League top soccer came into VFF haus with fellow midfielders Derek Malas and defender Paul Young last week to shoke hands with the first PA of Ministry of Youth and Sports and VFF vice president Saby Natonga.
Speaking on behalf of the boys, Pastor William Malas, Amicale technical director said,” the players are very sorry for what they have done to you Govverment, VFF and the fans.”
“We know we have spoiled the fans hearts because the three players didn’t go to Pacific Games and they want to apologies to everyone and say sorry and they are ready to go back to play for national team next year.”
” Please accept their aplologies ” comcluded Pastor William Malas.
The three players then presented to Goverment and VFF three mats to say sorry to VFF and goverment and VFF welcome them back to national team of Vanuatu.
“Never say no to public call to play for your national team.” Said Marcel Manua the first Political advisor to the Ministry of Youth and Sports.
“Its a great honour to play for your country and on behalf of Vanuatu Football , Vanuatu Goverment and the people of Vanuatu I want ot ask you three and all soccer players in Vanuatu to continue to play for your country.”
“Your country needs you and you must set up a good example for the young one tomorrow.” concluded Marcel Manua.
VFF Vice President welcomed Fenedy and the two players come to national team and said, ” we need you Fenedy, Derek, Paul and Tafea players like Sakama gete Fredy Vava to play for Vanuatu in the Word Cup qualification next yeat in Fiji.”
“Its very important that you all come and lets work together as a team and I am sure we will achieve great result in Vanuatu.” said Natonga.
Before the closing ceremony, Fenedy Masauvakalo speaks direct live on FM 107 to say sorry to fans, goverment and Vanuatu Football Federation.
“What happened two months ago is not good for football and I do apologise to all the fans of Vanuatu football.” “I regret what I have done and I say sorry to everyone but at the end of the day sorry doesn’t change anything. For me it’s over and I am fine and ready to play for Vanuatu again.”
Vanuatu will start their World Cup training soon before the World Cup qualifiers next year in June in Fiji.