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Soccer Balls for Healthy life style

Mr. Charles Vatu the new VFF Techincal Director, handed over the 40 balls worth over VT 50 000 to Mr. Graham Tabi who work for VAFH and NCD in Vanuatu.
Mr Vatu said the donation of the soccer balls was made possible through support of VFF sponsors in Vanuatu including OFC and FIFA.
“We are very happy to be partner with the Ministry of Health in Vanuatu to fight for all our young people’s health and life so through football they can be fit and forget all about alcool, kava, cigarette and Majuara.”
“Life is short and its our responsibility to help our youth to grow up in a healthy life to help Vanuatu to be a healthy Nation.”
“We are very happy with what Vanuatu Action For Health is doing in Vanuatu thats why we in Football would like to give our support to support the soccer tournament that have been organized by VAFH and NCD in Vanuatu.” He said.
The man behind the VAFH Mr Graham Tabi said,” the tournament in Santo is very big with 93 clubs participates in the soccer competition since August this year and the final of the competition will be held this coming Thursday in Luganville, Santo.”
“Last year we have 32 clubs participated and the numbers double this year with 93 clubs and we are very happy to see that young people in Luganville are playing football for their health and forget about Alcool, Kava, Cigarette and Marujana.”
“The Action for Health tournament was held in Port Vila 5 years ago with the theme, ” Play and Celebrate Free” and now we are expanding it to Santo and it went really well.”
“There’s a lot of evidence to show that young people in Santo will listen to messages from other young people – but that messages created by adults for young people are often ignored.”
“Football matches, can generate large crowds of youth, which are great awareness-raising opportunities for our young people and I want to thank Vanuatu Football for their generous support to the program since 2005 until today.”
“So far, the project has has use football to bring the young people together but now you can see what good role models these football players are becoming after we organised this program in Vila in 2005.”
“Some of these players are now playing for Yatel and Spirit 08 FC in Vila and we are very happy to see the fruit of what we have been doing for the health of our young people in Vanuatu.”
” I am sure that one day they will represent Vanuatu Football in a OFC or FIFA Tournament because they are strong and healthy.” he concluded.

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