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Erakor facing toughest start yet, warns Coach Rogara

He told Erakor fans to brace themselves for possibly their toughest start yet to a Premier League campaign.
“I’ve got to be honest and say that we are all happy to be back to Premier League next season but we must prepare well to face top teams like Amicale FC and Tafea FC but our fans must be really there to cheer us up. It will be a big, big test for my young team.”
He added: “I’ve got to say that our first pocket of seven games in the next season is unbelievably tough.
“It’s certainly something we are getting used to now,” he joked.
“Then again, we have to remember we are playing in the most competitive and most difficult league in Vanuatu, so you are not going to look at any little run of fixtures and say there are easy points to be had there.”
“It just doesn’t work like that in the Premier League and even the big teams will think that way. Every single point has to be battled for at this level.”
Three Erakor Golden Star players are Brian Kaltak, Jean Kaltack and Michel Kaltack.
Port Vila Football Association kicks off its new season on 15 August 2012.
Latest Challengers Battle Table
1. Erakor Golden Star FC 21
2. Spirit 08 FC 17
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 15
4. Academy FC 14
5. Siwi FC 11
6. Narak Tegapu FC 4

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