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Kurukuru, Amical to talk

He said the special meeting is about the fate of Jack Whitney and Lenson Bisili in terms of preparing for the OFC Futsal World Cup qualify.
Mr. Tausinga said the talks will take place after the Amical and Koloale clash this Saturday.
Whitney and Bisili are the only two Kurukuru players who have been playing outdoor soccer abroad.
The duo has been listed in the final Kurukuru squad released yesterday for the upcoming OFC Futsal World Cup qualifying tournament.
Mr. Tausinga confirmed that the duo’s fitness has dropped, thus forcing the Kurukuru management to take more serious stpes in rebuilding their fitness.
“Their fitness has dropped and we working on it right now.” he admitted.
“So far for the past few days they have done well and we will continue to help rebuild teir fitness.”
“We want them both to be fit for the World Cup qualifying tournament in May.” Mapuru said.
“If they have to return for Amicale’s final matches against Auckland City of New Zealand then we will make sure they keep up with their fitness we require for all Kurukuru players.”
“To do so we will talk with the Amicale management to help keep the duo’s fitness while playing for Vanuatu Champion Club in the final O League matches.”
Mr. Tausinga is planning if the duo returns to feature for Amicale against Auckland City, they must return after their final match on April 26.
The Kurukuru team will enter in their training camps in a month’s time.
The national futsal team is trained under the watchful eyes of head coach Dickson Kadau along with assistant coach Jerry Sam and team manager Tausinga.
The strong Kurukuru futsal players will face Fiji, Vanuatu, Tahiti and New Zealand in the world cup qualifying tournament in Fiji kicks off on May.