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Brisk Cup kicks off this Saturday

President of Shefa Football Association who is also the chairman of the competition, Mr. Tane Maki confirmed the match fixtures of the competition this week.
There will be eight teams competition from eight different football associations in the country.
Brisk Cup is proudly sponsored by MV Brisk.
Fixtures of the competition
Pool A
Torba United FC
Paunagisu FC
Malampa Revivors FC
Nawiana FC
Pool B
United Malampa FC
Ruerue FC
Tafea FC of Luganville
Voea FC
Saturday 24 October 2015
12pm- Tafea Luganville vs Ruerue FC
2pm- Voea FC vs United Malampa FC
Monday 26 October 2015
12pm- Paunagisu FC vs Nawiana FC
2pm- Malampa Revivors FC vs Torba United FC
Tuesday 27 October 2015
12pm- United Malampa FC vs Tafea Luganville
2pm- Ruerue FC vs Voea FC
Wednesday 28 October 2015
12pm- Torba United vs Paunagisu FC
2pm- Malampa Revivors vs Nawiana FC
Thursday 29 October 2015
12pm- United Malampa FC vs Ruerue FC
2pm- Tafea Luganville vs Voea FC
Friday 30 October 2015
12pm- Nawiana FC vs Torba United FC
2pm- Paunagisu FC vs Malampa Revivors FC
Monday 2 November 2015
Semi Finals
12pm- Winner (Pool A) vs (Runner Up Pool B)
2pm- Winner (Pool B) vs (Runner Pool A)
Wednesday 4 November 2015
12pm- Looser SF 1 vs Looser SF 2
2pm- Winner SF 1 vs Winner SF 2