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Referees must think seriously; Maltock

Mr. Maltock who also the chairman of Vanuatu Football Referee Committee and a member of OFC and FIFA Referee committee delivered a powerful message , asking all Vanuatu top referees to repeat the story of Vanuatu former FIFA referees.
“Today I would like to reminded you all referees that it is very important to step up and think seriously about refereeing.” Said Lambert Maltock.
“Please can you all work extra hard and repeat the story of our former FIFA referees, like Lencie Fred, Harry Atisson, Tony Meltetamat, Michael Joseph, Elise Doriri and late Grey Vuke.?
“All these former referees officiated in the FIFA World Cup, FIFA U 17, FIFA U 20 and the Olympic Games.”
“Today referees from Non-Football nations continue to move around the world and officiate in FIFA tournaments and this is something you all need to think about.”
“The other thing I would like to mention is, I have proposed the name of Lencie Fred to replace me in the OFC Referee committee because for the last seven years we have no referees from Vanuatu officiate in the World Cup tournaments and I am sure Lencie Fred can help all these referees.” He said.
FIFA Referee instructor, Mr. Lim Kee Chong told the referees that they must work hard to repeat the story of Lencie Fred and other former FIFA Referees to officiate in the different FIFA competitions.
“This is my first time to Vanuatu I want to reminded you all that to achieve success, you must work extra hard.” Said Lim Kee Chong, who officiate in France 98 World wup with Lencie Fred.
“If Lencie Fred can officiate in the World Cup then you can do it too if you think seriously about refereeing.”
“This week, we will look at the new laws of the game which have 94 changes and it is our job to know it well and to apply them in the right time during a match of football.” He said.
The course starts on Monday 15 August and will end this Friday 19 August 2016 at Teouma Football Academy with 30 Vanuatu top referees and instructors.

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