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Tim Mera’s own goal helps Tafea moves on

Moise Poida, Tafea coach was a happy man after running away with a lucky win.
“It was a tough match but important to get through.”But I also have to give credit to Tupuji Imere players because of the the way they played. They really aggressive and even in the second half they keep on attacking and make us very busy.”
Imere midfielder Antonio Malapa said the race is not over. “The title race is not over yet, we will work hard in our next three matches coming up.”
The win puts Tafea still on the top of the NSL standing with 11 points, 4 points ahead of Amicale FC and Tupuji Imere.
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Tupuji Imere coach: Eddie Mansale
Tafea FC coach: Moise Poida
Referee: George Bruce
Kicks off Tafea vs Tupuji now
4′ Tafea’s Alista first shot over Tupuji’s keeper
6′ Tupuji’s Bula kalsaopa looks dangerous upfront but all clear out by Tafea defender Lucien Hinge
8′ Great shot from Tafea’s Gabriel Iamak and going for a corner kick after good save by Tupuji keeper, Altred Malas
10′ Tafea’s Alista Kalip looks dangerous in Tupuji goal mouth but all clear to safety
13′ Dangerous free kick for Tupuji against Tafea after Daniel Natou of Tafea foul on Imere striker just 12 meters away from Tafea keeper Seilonie
14′ Morsen Sope’s shot clear by Tafea defener for a Imere draw
16′ Iamak of Tafea trys to break through but Imere defender Malon Kaltanak clear it away
17′ Tafea’s Alista strike but clear away by Tintin Mera of Imere
19′ Tafea’s Francois Sakama shots go wide for a Imere goal kick
22′ Tafea’s Sakama continue to put pressure on Imere defenders now
24′ Free kick to Tafea and Daniel Natou will take the free kick just 15 meters away from Imere keeper
25′ Daniel’s free kick clear by Imere defenders
26′ Another free kick for Tafea and Sakama takes the shot and over the bar
30′ Looks like Tafea Sakama is injured and another Imere player is on the ground
31′ Francois Sakama of Tafea is still outside with Tafea doctor and he is back in the field of play
32′ Substitution for Tupuji Imere; Terry Mansale out and Keith Hinge in
33′ Substitution for Tafea; Silas Namatak in and Francois Sakama out
35′ Caution for Bula Kalsaopa after foul on Tafea’s Kevin Shem Iata
36′ Free kick to Imere against Tafea just 25 meters away from Tafea keeper
37′ Antonio Malapa flys the free kick to Tafea wall and all clear to safety
37′ Tafea’s Daniel Natou shot over the bar but go fo a corner kick
39′ Goal!!!!!!! Tafea 1-0 Tupuji Imere; Great shot from Kevin Shem Iata, hits the head of Imere’s defender Timtim Mera and sent his goal keeper the wrong and ball roll slowly into Imere ‘s net
43′ A good chance for Imere but Keith Hinge flys the ball over Tafea’s crossbar
44′ Imere’s Keith Hinge run all cover well by Tafea’s defenders
45′ End of first half
Second half now kicks off
46′ Tafea’s dangerous man Alista fires Imere goalkeeper twice but he clear it away from his goal mouth
47′ Tafea’s midfielder Daniel Natou’s shot just go wide for a Imere goal kick
48′ Great opportunity for Tupuji after Coulon’s cross to find Keith Hinge but ball go too strong and go for a Tafea goal kick
51′ Free kick to Tupuji Imere now but Antonio Malapa flys the ball over for a Tafea goal kick
53′ Tupuji Imere are working hard now to capitalise but not easy
55′ Free kick to Tafea just 15 meters away from Imere keeper but hits the wall
60′ Substitution for Tafea; Daniel Natou out and Figo Lougman in
62′ Silas Namatak’s shot just gone past Imere goal post
64′ Tafea got a dangerous corner kick and head over the bar from John Laan
66′ Free kick to Tupuji Imere , 25 meters away from Tafea keeper but Tim Mera flys the ball out for a goal kick
68′ Imere corner kick from Bula Kalsaopa hit Tafea keeper hand and go for another corner kick but Bula flys it over for a goal kick
72′ 3ooo fans came out to watch this exciting match today
73′ Tafea midfielder Namatak Silas won a corner kick now
74′ Imere Keeper Altred Malas puts the ball out of danger
76′ Free kick to Imere after Kevin Iata foul on Tim Mera in Imere’s goal mouth
77′ Caution for Ignas Iamak of Tafea FC after foul on Imere’s John and free kick to Imere but all clear by Tafea defenders
81′ Dangerous move from Imere strikers Keith Hinge and Bula but no chance for them to break in after Tafea defenders clear all the moves
83′ Tupuji nearly equalise after Tafea keeper Seilonie Iaruel moves out from his goal mouth and Tupuji ‘s Keith Hinge head the ball to the empty goal but Lucien Hinge head it away to safety
88′ Tupuji now putting pressure on Tafea defenders but Lucien Hinge head away Keith Hinge ‘s away to safety
90′ 5 minnutes added tim John Laan after keith Hinge foul on him
91′ Free kick to Tafea now and all clear by Imere defenders
93′ Another free kick for Tafea in Imere ‘s area and good save from keeper Altred Malas
Final whistle is blow
Latest NSL Table
1. Tafea FC 11
2. Amicale FC 7
3. Tupuji Imere FC 7
4. Shepherds United FC 5
5. Seveners United FC 3

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