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Freddy vs Fenedy in NSL clash

After a rather intense moments in last years competition, fans will wonder if both teams match the crazy drama and energy of the final minutes, or will it be a cautious encounter from start to finish.
The question fans are asking now if Fredy Vava can stop O League top scorer Fenedy Masauvakalo this Saturday. Fenedy has been outstanding in the O League tournament and also in the TVL Premier League.
Tafea FC defender Vava is an outstanding defender and plays an important role for Tafea and Vanuatu national team and all eyes will be on the two Fs tomorrow at 3pm.
Tafea FC have shown again this season that they have the players capable of outscoring the opponent, and last encounter’s closing seconds are testament to that.
Solomon International Joe Lui has shown how much he’s grown this season by orchestrating Tafea’s attack. His entry changed the game at Port Vila Stadium and he was influential in Tafea getting the two wins in their first two matches.
Tafea for sure will pressure high and try to give Amicale a really good challenge this Saturday at Port Vila Stadium.
These mindgames can have very dangerous ramifications in tomorrow’s game as Tafea coach will undoubtedly instruct his players especially Francois Sakama to tackle hard with or without the ball, challenge for any goal-scoring chances, and anything in between.
But on the other hand, Vanuatu Champion Club Amicale FC will be very strong against Tafea and they will for sure will not give Tafea’s striker a space to break through this weekend.
The reds already miss their midfielder Standley Waita and striker Jack Wetney. Both players including Batram Suri and Austing Saga left Vanuatu on Tuesday to Solomon Islands and will be greatly miss by Amicale Football Club.
Wetney is deservedly missing from the squad because of his duty with the Solomon Islands Futsal team. Robert Youlou and Richard Anisua are fit and will be on starting list of the Champion, and everyone else is available for Amicale.
Amicale can handle Tafea as long as Malas, Daudau Gibson, and Moffet concentrate when being counter attacked. As always, Amicale players must always track back and pressure from high up the pitch. Sometimes Tafea really likes to play offside trap, and Fenedy and his strikers should always make runs for 1-1 goal scoring chances.
Both teams are equal on points and the winner of the match tomorrow will lead the National Super League with nine points.
Before Tafea meet Amicale at 3pm, Shepherds United will play Spirit 08 at 1pm at Port Vila Stadium.
Latest Standing of 2011 National Super League
1. Tafea FC 6
2. Amicale FC 6
3. Tupuji Imere 1
4. Spirit 08 1
5. Shepherds United 0

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