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Tafea shuts out Ifira 7-0 for third straight win

This is the third straight win and the former champion looks very dangerous up front. Their strong performance clearly stunned Black Bird, who were a equal on points with them and Amicale in day Two.
Tafea’s top midfielder Daniel Natou scored the team’s first goal of the match in 26 minutes and hit his second in the match in 89 minutes.
Other Tafea goal scorers last Saturday were Francois Sakama ( 41 mins and 54 mins), Remy Kensy ( 67 mins), Tafea new young striker Anatol Natingting ( 71 mins) and substituted Moses Kalongtang in 90 mins.
Daniel Natou was the player of the match and helps his team controlled the midfield well until the final whistle.
With the win over Ifira, it puts Tafea right in the thick of the first place race. The red devils faces Academy in this weekend’s game at 3:30pm, always at Port Vila Stadium.
Other PVFA results saw Spirit 08 beat Shepherds United 2-1. United lead the game with a single goal from Yvong August but Spirit replied back before full time with goals from Owen Steves and Kempes Varahu.
And Tupuji Imere beat Academy 2-0. One goal each from Rodney Serveux and Bula Kalsopa is enough to give the riverside boys the 3 points on the table.
Goal of the day goes to Tupuji Imere striker Rodney Serveux . He scores an amazing bicycle kick goal to put Imere 2-1 against Academy on saturday.
Latest TVL Premier table
1. Amicale FC 9
2. Tafea FC 9
3. Ifira Black Bird FC 6
4. Spirit 08 FC 4
5. Tupuji Imere FC 3
6. Seveners United FC 1
7. Academy FC 0
8. Shepherds United 0

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