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PVWFL joins Vanuatu Women in Sports Commission

The meeting over Chantilly’s popular tappas & drinks marked the closing of a great year steered by PVWFL’s new executive committee under the leadership of Ms Martha Poida.
PVWFL would like to thank Ms Baniala for introducing the league to VWSC as the committee got acquainted with VWSC’s development and journey since its establishment in year 2009 to present.
A fortnight ago, VWSC approached PVWFL Vice Treasurer and same time Events Coordinator, Ms Julia King, and spoke of the commission’s interest to involve PVWFL (representing women soccer), in its Board.
Following this notification, the executive committee of PVWFL nominated Mrs King to represent PVWFL and on 28th November 2013, VWSC elected a new Board, as the previous’ 4 years term had come to its end.
PVWFL is pleased to have Mrs King in the Board of VWSC and congratulates the Commission for its achievements so far. PVWFL aims to work closely with VWSC to ensure goals are met and to encourage more women and girls to pursue their dreams in sports and most importantly build on healthier lifestyle which sports can provide for them.

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