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Bound for the big time

Stoke City FC agent in Australia, Andrew Parkes said trials have confirmed with Stoke City FC and Manchester City FC in England.
“I do wish Seilonie all the very best for his trials. At the end of the day it will be up to Seilonie’s performance & attitude both on and off the park that they will be looking at so I do hope that Seilonie is and has been putting in hard preparation in ready for his trials. I am personally very excited for him and do hope he makes us all very proud.”
Stoke City FC Academy Recruitment Manager Kevin Scott said, “ It gives me great pleasure to confirm that you Seilonie Iaruel have been offered an opportunity to travel to the UK to start your trial at Stoke City Football Club.”
If the exciting young prospect were to make it into one of these elite squads, he will find fame and fortune unheard of by any other Ni-Vanuatu in history.
Iaruel will be leaving on August 2 2012 for Australia, Singapore then London. Football in Vanuatu has been going for years and there have been several trials for local players with overseas clubs but the footballers failed to reach the standard required.
The 195cm goalie said in a Football Talk Back Show last night on Radio that he was very happy when he received the confirmation from the two top English clubs last Saturday.
Mr Iaruel, who is the current goalkeeper for Tafea FC Under 20, Tafea FC Premier team and also the second choice goalie of the Vanuatu national senior team, is ready to reach for his dream and said he is excited to be tested at the top level of European Football.
“The chance only comes once and I will do everything possible to enter one of these teams for the good of football in Vanuatu.” He said.
“I am representing mu club, family and my country as well and I will try to open that door for Vanuatu to European Football.”
He said he is confident and knows Vanuatu will back him with prayers and support during his journey overseas.
Stoke City FC was the first club that showed interest in him during their three friendly games in Australia beginning of this year for preparation for the Under 23 competition in Taupo New Zealand.
“A representative of the club came to the stadium and saw me and contacted my team manager telling him about my performance.”
“The last friendly match in Australia, I only played the first half and had to leave with Stoke City representative to go to another stadium for a test.”
Young Iaruel, who has enjoyed a rapid rise in his career, said if he wins one of the trials, then he will be very happy for achieving all his goals at a very young age.
“I wished to play for Tafea FC when I was very little and started with them then I was 15 years old,’ he said.
He said the wish to play in the National squad also started when he was 15 and played with the Vanuatu Under 15 team at the Youth Olympic Games in Singapore in 2012.
He said the dream continued through the Under 17 squad, Under 20s, Under 23 squad and then the National Squad in only two years.
When asked how he feel if he qualifies, he said; “ It is more than winning a lottery and if I’ll win then Vanuatu will be open to Europe.”
Vanuatu Football Technical Director Charles Vatu said this is another confirmation of Vanuatu potential in football.
“If Seilonie is given this opportunity, it means that there are others in the country that will follow soon,” he said. “All it needs is effective development programs from clubs to national levels.”
Seilonie Iaruel is a product of the first intake to the national football academy in Teouma funded by FIFA Goal Program and be traveling to UK next week on the 2nd August 2012 for a one month trial with Stoke City FC and Manchester City FC .

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