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Osea admits late Amicale win against Narak

Narak FC players put a lot of pressure on Amicale midfielders and make it really hard for them to distribute the balls to their strikers to score.
The new comer in the TVL Premier League should have score a easy goal in 75 minutes after their two strikers miss a golden opportunity to score after Amicale keeper Chikau Mansale was out from his goal mouth.
But the afternoon story changed when a Narak defender fouled Osea Vakatalesau just 20 meters away from goal mouth.
Dalong Damalip shot the free kick and found Osea free in the penalty box and the tall striker jumped high and heads in the only and winning goal in 90 minutes to give the Red Roosters another three points on the TVL Premier League table.
The win puts Amicale top of the table with 6 points after round two.
Other matches in round two on Saturday 1 November 2014.
11.30am- Tafea FC vs Tupuji Imere
1pm- Ifira Black Bird FC vs Spirit 08 FC
3pm- Shepherds United FC vs Erakor Golden Star FC
Latest TVL Premier League 2014/15 Standing after Round Two
1. Amicale FC 6
2. Ifira Black Bird FC 3
3. Erakor Golden Star FC 3
4. Tafea FC 0
5. Spirit 08 FC 0
6. Narak Tegapu FC 0
7. Tupuji Imere FC 0
8. Shepherds United FC 0

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